2017 Super Duper Cheesesteak Challenge Finals

This year’s Super Duper Challenge Finals were amazing! We couldn’t do it without all of you, and our thanks will never be enough! This year’s Finals were won by Clayton Naylor (who also won our 2014 Challenge) with a time of 1:56, congratulations Clayton- that’s another one for the books! Our $10,000 giveaway winner was Lee Stoll!! And this year, we teamed up with Pink Ribbon Girls for our fundraising efforts. The biggest win of the day was certainly when we were able to announce and present a check to Pink Ribbon Girls for $30,000!!! This money will go directly to helping the women in our communities dealing with breast and all reproductive cancers! Again, thank you to everyone who donated their time, money, and support throughout another great Cheesesteak Challenge!

The various owners and managers for Submarine House, along with the Pink Ribbon Girls!

2017 Challenge leaderboards

We will keep these leaderboards updated weekly so you can see where you stand, and root for your favorites! Please keep in mind that the store you qualify at will be contacting you when it comes time for semi-finals!

1. Bryan Dickerson
2. Daniel Hockenberry
3. Jacob Schlater
4. Andy Heinl
5. Jeremy Keeton
6. William Barlow
7. Donny Key
8. Braxtyn Dickerson
9. William Voss
10. Craig Pohl

1. Clayton Naylor
2. Aaron Smith
3. Nick Bailey
4. Christopher Loring
5. Sam Pittman
6. Tanner Spencer
7. Craig Bailey
8. David Music
9. Chris Prewitt
10. Eric Henestofel

1. Jason Sherman
2. Paul Bicknell
3. David Davis
4. Robert Bailey
5. Hoey Spuigeun
6. Steve Wenning
7. James Crinion
8. Autie Johnson
9. Clay Allen
10. David Ferguson

Huber Heights:
1. James Sweigart
2. Shane Smith
3. Kevin Foster
4. Jason Barker
5. Richard Horvath
6. Antonio Wingo
7. John Gibson
8. Brian Short
9. Scott Mullins
10. Cody Downing

1. Derek Jacobs
2. Tony Napier
3. Tyler King
4. Thomas Lauer
5. Matthew Chavden
6. Brian Eick
7. Chriss Goode
8. Jeremy Swihart
9. Randy Bostick
10. Tim Dierman

Brown St:
1. Andrew Holquest
2. Branden Short
3. Joe Solomon
4. Brian Hull
5. Dave Benedict
6. Cameron Cerbus
7. Paul Sacksteder
8. John Loper
9. Tripp French
10. Darrell Sargent III

Main St:
1. John Osmer
2. Shane Drivetz
3. Dan Hatch
4. Johnathan Stumpf
5. Deonte Hoskins
6. Ryan Cloud
7. Johnny Adams
8. Michael Jerome
9. John Miller
10. Patrick Cloud

1. Josh Nildick
2. Donald Cates
3. Marcus Kreais
4. Justin Nosker
5. Shawn Massie
6. David Penny
7. Monty Coppess
8. Daniel Barnett
9. Chris Nosker
10. David Holycross



  • Qualifications for semi-finals: January 30 – April 2, 2017
  • Semi-finals: April 6 – 13, 2017 (dates and locations to be announced)
  • Finals: April 22, 2017 at 1pm at the Huber Heights location


  • Must be 18 or older to participate and in good health.
  • Each contestant must execute and waiver and release of liability before participating.
  • Contestant must inform Submarine House employee at time of ordering that they wish to take the challenge.
  • Store employee must administer the timer and select area for customer to sit during contest.
  • Store manager on duty is responsive for decisions on any and all disputes at each participating Submarine House. The managing member of 7850 Limited Liability Company has the ultimate decision making authority related to all disputes regardless of location.
  • Contestant must consumer 16″ Super Duper Philly Cheesesteak with “The Works” in 16 minutes or less.
  • Entire sub must be consumed including all contents that fall from sub during consumption and must not be regurgitated for a minimum of five minutes after finishing the sub.
  • Contestants may only qualify at one store. If a qualifier attempts to qualify again at another location, they will be disqualified from the competition.
  • Each qualifying entrant is responsible for providing their contact information to the store before leaving.
  • Employees and their immediate family are not eligible to participate.
  • All contestants successfully completing the challenge, will receive their sub for FREE and a Submarine House T-shirt. The top 10 times at each location qualify for the Semi Finals.


  • All 9 qualifying contestants must return on the designated date and time if they wish to try to become a finalist.
  • All Semi Finalists will compete at the same time and the store winner will be the first to completely consume a 16″ Super Duper Cheesesteak with “The Works.” The winner must completely consume their sub within 16 minutes.
  • The fastest time in the Semi Finals will win the store championship and receive a special T-shirt and trophy.


  • The finals event will be held on April 22, 2017, at 1pm at the Huber Heights location.
  • The 9 Semi Finalists winners shall wear their store champion’s shirt.
  • ll finalists will compete at the same time and the winner will be the first to completely consume a 16″ Super Duper Cheesesteak with “The Works.” The winner must complete their sub within 16 minutes.
  • A panel of judges will preside over the competition and the panel’s majority decisions are final.
  • The Champion will receive $1,000, a Champion’s Shirt, trophy, and their name engraved in the Champion’s Belt. The belt and the winner’s photo to be displayed at the store they qualified from until next year’s competition.



$10,000 first prize will be randomly selected from all the registrations from all nine submarine house locations, entered from January 30 – April 22, 2017. There will also be a second place drawing for $1,000 and a third place drawing for $500. The prizes will be drawn in reverse order with the $500 prize drawn first. Winners are limited to one cash prize drawn per person. Those attending the finals in person on April 22, 2017, may also register that day. You must be 18 or over to register. The drawing will be held on April 22, 2017 at the Huber Heights location. The time and place will be posted on the Submarine House website. The winner need not be present to win. Entries are limited to one entry per person per day.

Employees of Submarine House, their advertising agency or any local media outlets and their immediate families are not eligible
to win. No purchase is necessary to enter. This sweepstakes is sponsored by the 7850 Limited Liability Company, 7850 N. Main St., Dayton, Ohio 45414. Winner is solely responsible for all taxes. The odds of winning are dependent upon the number of entries received.

Winners will be contacted by the information provided above within ten (10) days of the drawing. Winners must collect their prize within thirty (30) days from the date notified. This sweepstakes is void where prohibited. In order to claim the prize, winner will be required to execute an affidavit of eligibility and to execute a publicity release agreeing to the sponsor’s use of the winner’s name and likeness for advertising purposes. Void where prohibited.

Submarine House Kicks Off 2017 Cheesesteak Challenge

View original article source here: Most Metro Magazine

The annual “Super Duper Cheesesteak Challenge” has started across the Miami Valley at every Submarine House, proceeds of which this year go to the Pink Ribbon Girls. January 30th was the first day that Dayton area residents could partake in this food challenge for charity.

The Food Adventure Crew has been a part of the event for more than 3 years and we have seen almost $50,000 raised for Dayton’s Children Hospital during that time.

On Fat Tuesday, February 28th, 7pm, Food Adventures with Dayton Most Metro and Dayton Dining will be hosting a “one night only” qualifying event for charity at the new Centerville Submarine House Bar & Grill location at 503 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd., next to Adventure Golf for 16 contestants! Everyone is welcome to come watch and cheer …. but first



—WHEN: Starting Jan, 30th you may take the challenge at any Submarine House location through April 2nd.

—WHAT: You must eat a 16 inch SUPER DUPER CHEESESTEAK, with “The Works” toppings in less than 16 minutes. Super Duper means this 16 inch sub has triple the meat and triple the cheese of their normal subs. The Works includes: Cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, homemade oil & vinegar dressing & pepper relish. Grilled Mushrooms also come on the sub. Important – NO topping substitutions, you have to eat it as is with all of the ingredients. This is not a baby challenge. So bring your loose pants.

—WHY: If you complete the challenge, your sandwich is free and you win a T-shirt. A portion of the proceeds goes to The Pink Ribbon Girls charity.

—COST: About $23 up front, which is refundable if you complete the challenge successfully. You can take the challenge at any Submarine House, alone or with a group of friends from Jan 30th through April 2nd.

The top 10 fastest times will see the competitors called back in April for the “store championship semi-finals.”

The winner of each store will advance to the FINALS April 22nd, 1pm at the new Huber Heights Bar & Grill Location at 5376 Taylorsville Rd.


We are looking for a few hungry men and women!

Food Adventures is hosting a one-night only, Qualifying Round for charity event related to the Cheesesteak challenge.

*WHERE: The new Centerville Submarine House Bar & Grill, 503 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd (next to Adventure Golf)

*WHEN: Fat Tuesday Feb. 28th, 7pm

*WHAT: 16 contestants (to match the 16 inches of sub) will have a shotgun start and we will see if anyone qualifies with a top 10 store time.

*WHY: A portion from all food and drink sold that night will go to the Pink Ribbon Girls charity, so come out and root on your favorite friend or family member.

View entire list of contestants already signed up here.

2016 Super Duper Cheesesteak Challenge Finals!


Check out the footage from the day below!

Yet another great year with an awesome turnout for our annual eating challenge!  We always look forward to seeing how much money we’re able to raise for Dayton Children’s, and Columbus Children’s this year too!  Overall, we donated almost $18,000.00!!  This was also our first year having a child ambassador from Dayton Children’s join us to share his story, and help us draw the names for our $10,000.00 drawing!  A HUGE thank you to Andray Simmons for being there!  If you weren’t there to witness it, you missed yet another amazing finish time of 1:36!!!  Our winner this year is Andrew Oakes from Centerville, and if his name is at all familiar, that’s because he is our first 2-time champion- winning in 2013 as well as this year!!

We can’t thank all of our judges who took time out of their day to join us, as well as the Beavercreek paramedics for making sure everyone stayed safe!  K99.1FM and Frye Guy always do a great job helping us MC, as well as Larry from WHIO radio!  This event wouldn’t be possible without everyone’s help and support- so again, THANK YOU!!

And last but not least- this year’s big winners were:

$500.00- Lori Oster

$1,000.00- Colleen Roeth

$10,000.00- David Peticolas

Stephanie Llacuna accepts the check on behalf of Dayton Children's Hospital

Stephanie Llacuna accepts the check on behalf of Dayton Children’s Hospital

Our competitors are ready to EAT!

Our competitors are ready to EAT!

2-time Champ Andrew Oakes finishes in 1:36!!

2-time Champ Andrew Oakes finishes in 1:36!!

Owner Ross Holden presents our donation to Columbus Children's Hospital!

Owner Ross Holden presents our donation to Columbus Children’s Hospital!

We couldn't do this without all of you!!

We couldn’t do this without all of you!!

2016 Super Duper Cheesesteak Challenge qualifiers

As of today, March 28- here are the top ten standings at our different locations:  Please note that if you remain in the final top ten at the end of the day on Sat. March 26th- your store will contact you with information concerning the Semi-Finals.

Main St:

  1. Kris Mick
  2. Deonte Hoskins
  3. Dean Leet
  4. John Byrkett
  5. John Miller
  6. Dylan Jones
  7. Josh Mills
  8. Dan Printz
  9. Cody Schellhaas
  10. Giles Wright



  1. Andrew Oakes
  2. Thomas Lauer
  3. Adam Mathew
  4. Tony Napier
  5. Dave Benedict
  6. Nathan Springhart
  7. Bill Rogers
  8. Michael Staton
  9. Chris Lawson
  10. Randy Bostick



  1. Nick Bailey
  2. Ted Elliot
  3. Michael Jerome
  4. Jim Riggle
  5. Peyton Hodge
  6. Brian Dean
  7. Ernesto Gonzalez
  8. Lamar Mapp
  9. Jon Neague
  10. Jon Nadand



  1. Dan Hockenberry
  2. Clayton Naylor
  3. Travis Jones
  4. Derek Jacobs
  5. Curtis Isaacs
  6. James Weaver
  7. Steven Isaacs
  8. Markus Montreuil
  9. Richard Horvath
  10. Jake Aleck



  1. David Hess
  2. Donald Cates
  3. Ray Steiner
  4. Jon Armstrong
  5. Brian Short
  6. Shawn Massie
  7. Nate Johannes
  8. Josh Stolle
  9. Curtis Schmiedabush
  10. Russell Bennett


Brown St:

  1. David Davis
  2. Brian West
  3. David Bretz
  4. David Bannister
  5. Bradley Flynn
  6. Kyle Vanover
  7. AJ White
  8. Dillon Roeckues
  9. Randy Chavez
  10. James McGill



  1. Jason Sherman
  2. Steve Howard
  3. Vaughin Echols
  4. Autie Johnson
  5. Ryan Cloud
  6. Louis Dockers
  7. Steve Wenning
  8. Andrew Hartmann
  9. Theron Orme
  10. Darryl Koeper



  1. Taylor Thomas
  2. Ryan Spears
  3. Greg Horn
  4. Charles Howard
  5. Michael Fuller
  6. Derek Jacobs
  7. Steven Blackson
  8. Neil Binkley
  9. Tom Shaw
  10. Zae Dunlevey